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An Immersive Experience

One of the United States' largest O-Scale Model Railroads

Pacific West Rail's O-Scale model railroad, formerly known as The Northwest Trunk Lines, has been a labor of love since its inception in 2008. Over the course of the past fourteen years, a captivating miniature universe has taken shape in the basement of a residence in Medina, WA.

The PWR layout serves as a tribute to the picturesque and tranquil railroads of the Western United States and Canada. Featuring fourteen meticulously crafted locations, including notable spots like Keddie Wye, Eagle Nest, and Kicking Horse Loop, there's something to captivate railway enthusiasts of all kinds. While the trains provide the dynamic element, it's the meticulously designed scenery, accompanied by lifelike nature sounds and a 24-hour lighting cycle, that truly immerses visitors. You don't have to be a model railroad enthusiast to appreciate PWR; all you need is an open mind and a willingness to let your imagination run free.

A dedicated team of artists, electricians, engineers, shipwrights, and other skilled professionals has invested countless hours in bringing this model railroad to life. They've designed the layout in a modular fashion, complete with removable bench sections and intricate electrical systems, making it ready for relocation from its basement home.

The next chapter in this journey involves finding the perfect location to make this miniature world accessible to everyone. The goal is to establish a world-class museum that combines both education and entertainment. The vision is to create an immersive experience where visitors can escape the stresses of the outside world and lose themselves in the enchanting miniature realm. This museum will feature a series of exhibits that further enhance the immersive experience, making it a truly unforgettable destination.

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